Beaver hunting 12th of May 2010







 Goose and Pheasant Hunting 9th of November 2008

Bell apporting a goose

Zizi pointing a pheasant

Zizi apporting a goose


August 2008

Some training with foxes

        June 2008      

The heat has come... so we are swim training.

(Zizi the GSP)


Duck Hunting


 Fallow Deer Hunting at Wibyholm 12th of January 2008

TV-team in action for a coming film about hunting


Pheasant Hunting on Gotland 3rd of November 2007

A view from a special place...

Many Thanks to my Friends on Gotland for wonderful moments...


Mufflon Hunting 18th of August 2007


Horn 65 cm


Horn 65 cm


General training

It's always time for a hug...




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